PERFORM Podcast #21
Katarina Van Derham

February 07, 2019

PERFORM Podcast #21 <br>Katarina Van Derham

Episode 21 of the Nutrabolics PERFORM Podcast features former Fitness Model, CEO of VIVA Glam Magazine and Glamour Garden Cosmetics, Katarina Van Derham. After years of learning, Katarina has molded her craft into a successful business and brand. In the podcast, Katarina expresses some of the hardships she was faced with when immigrating to America, while still hustling and working multiple jobs to achieve her goals. She gives anecdotes that will surely inspire women to not give up on their dreams and to keep a determined mindset throughout. She really emphasizes the importance of refining all your skills into one avenue you can be passionate about. You will leave this episode feeling truly encouraged to take on any challenges that come your way!